Burnt at the Steak

Burnt at the Steak

Ride along with writer/performer Carolann Valentino as she pursues her dream of becoming a Broadway star, from her roots in Texas to the chaos of balancing auditions while managing a multimillion dollar steak house in Manhattan.

In Burnt at the Steak, Valentino creates a colorful parade of characters that embodies the frenetic, discouraging, exhausting reality for many burgeoning actors who slave away at their “day jobs” while waiting for their big break.

Combining a stellar singing voice, razor-sharp humor, exuberant dance and poignant storytelling, Valentino charms her way through clever song parodies and brilliant characterizations of the quirky”“and often ridiculous-customers, co-workers and family members she encounters on the path to discovering her truth. If you’ve ever worked at a job you hated just to pay the bills or because it was “safer” than reaching for your dream, this show is for you.

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