Justice Gennari, Tampa Bay Diversity Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

Tampa was fortunate to host the 2019 NGLCC Conference in August for the first time and the sold out gathering was a huge success.

It brought thousands of attendees to Tampa Bay to spotlight the LGBTQ+ community and the significant contributions they make. This event would not have happened without the contributions and hard work of Justice Gennari.

Attracting the conference to Tampa Bay took years of work, with site visits and planning by many members of the Tampa Bay Diversity Chamber (TBDCC). During that time period Justice served as the point person to answer questions and coordinate the massive efforts required.

Justice joined the Chamber in April of 2017 as the president. His background made him an extremely qualified candidate. With the approach of the NGLCC Conference the local chamber realized that the amount of time and efforts could not be served by a totally volunteer organization. In April 2019 Justice was made the first paid employee of the TBDCC and he took on the role of president and CEO at that time.

Shortly after Justice was hired he became an integral part of the planning and implementation for this world wide conference. He quickly connected local businesses into the planning of the conference with opportunities for them highlight themselves and advance their brands.

Justice effectively organized the conference kickoff party at the Italian Club in Ybor City on August 13. Conference attendees were joined by local businesses and political leaders from throughout Tampa Bay.

Throughout the conference you could find Justice networking with business leaders and attendees from all over the world. He represented the TBDCC as the organization that it is, one of the oldest LGBTQ+ chambers in the United States with a mission to promote the success and economic growth of the LGBTQ+ and allied business community in the Tampa Bay region. With the work and planning put forth by Justice during this time, he is truly one of the Most Remarkable People of 2019.

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