Watermark’s 2014 Orlando Fringe Reviews: A Brief History of Beer

Step into the Black Venue, strap on your seatbelts and take a time machine (or how the show says, a Pint Machine) back in time to the glorious days of when it all began — when beer was first discovered. The show A Brief History of Beer is drink-along show by William Glenn and Trish Parry that takes you on a chronological journey from the humble beginnings of beer to its modern state.

The duo interacts with the crowd by drinking with them and even walking amongst the audience often throughout the show. They begin during the times of the Fertile Crescent and walk the audience through an informative and comedic recollection of how the beer industry grew, conglomerated and came to be. They make stops in their Quantum Pint Machine — which is powered by none other than beer — in Ancient Egypt, the Industrial Revolution, during the 1920s when there was the Prohibition and even during the groovy times of the 1970s. At each stop, the pair embodies and acts, with some props as assistance, as if they were people during those times. With the loud energy and charisma from the two, they really engaged the crowd throughout the show.

In the end, the pair informs the crowd that the “keys to our beer destiny” is in our own hands, and burst into a beer version of “This Land Is Your Land” that was catchy and had the whole crowd singing. I liked how this show reminded me how when I went to visit the Yuengling Brewery in Tampa (and a big thumbs up to Trish and Will for drinking them during the show; my personal favorite domestic). It was intriguing and informative… and about beer!

This show is definitely not one to miss — you’re encouraged to drink aplenty during it, and are kept entertained through the energy and acting of Glenn and Parry.

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