American Family Association spokesman is speaking less

American Family Association spokesman is speaking less

One of the key mouthpieces for American Family Association is being muffled.

Bryan Fischer is no longer the AFA’s official analyst, but will still make radio appearances on behalf of the notoriously anti-gay group.

AFA President Don Wildmon appeared on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” Jan. 28 and talked about Fischer’s connections between Nazis and homosexuality as signs for termination. These remarks have been repeated for years, but the AFA recently rejected Fischer’s comments.

““Fischer has been their director of issue analysis, the director of issue analysis for the American Family Association forever. He’s basically quoted everywhere for years now as the organization’s spokesman,” said Maddow. “The president of the American Family Association telling us tonight, that as of today, Bryan Fischer should no longer be described as the director of issue analysis for that group, he should not be quoted as a spokesman for the group. As of today, the American Family Association tells us that Bryan Fischer is, and I quote, ‘just a talk show host.’”

The AFA has removed Fischer’s bio from their website.

On his radio show “Focal Point” on Jan. 29, Fischer said he couldn’t have his own opinions as an AFA spokesman.

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