Oklahoma fun run with guns uses rainbow targets as promo

The Oklahoma Run ‘n Gun caused an outrage by using a rainbow flag as a target in their latest Facebook promo.

The event, which involves grown men running a race while taking breaks to shoot stuff, posted a picture of themselves dressed as characters from Deliverance and standing in front of a target painted to look like the LGBT Pride flag. The photo’s caption read “new high visibility targets on the 500 yard range.”

The Run ‘n Gun good ole boys told Oklahoma City TV station KFOR that the post was meant to be a joke because they had received complaints that the long distance targets were difficult to see.

After getting several angry comments, the page was pulled down. The website’s Facebook link takes you to a “this page is unavailable” message.

That did not stop someone from creating a satire page with the message “Alright. I’ll admit. We’re not the brightest crayons in the box!”

The Facebook page’s profile and cover photos are of the original post and features a recommendation of replacing the rainbow flag targets with ones that resemble the Confederate flag as “they would be much easier to see.”

While the original page is gone the website is still available and the event, which is sponsored by such local hot spots as Fat Boy Tactical and Camo Corner, is still scheduled to happen July 18.

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