Tyra Sanchez getting heat for suicide comment

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 winner and former Orlando resident Tyra Sanchez is attracting some hate for telling a Twitter user, “go kill yourself.”

Some LGBT activists are pushing to have Sanchez’s Drag Race crown revoked, in light of Tyra’s comments and the high rate of suicide among LGBT youth. 

The trouble began after a Twitter user called Sanchez “annoying,” prompting the drag performer to retort, “go kill yourself.”

When criticized, Sanchez responded: “hate it or love it I have no sympathy for people that commit suicide. They’re cowards. They give up & give in. Stop tweeting me about it.”

More than 600 people have signed a petition calling for RuPaul to dethrone Sanchez, but Sanchez is doubling down and posted to Facebook:

Dear everyone that has me fifty shades of fucked up,I will not apologize for my opinion. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.” […] “For those of you saying that it was their only way out and they had no other choice… I say to you BULLSHIT! To me you’re the one encouraging suicide. You’re just making excuses for it to be okay for one to take their own life. It’s not okay to commit suicide, however, it’s your opinion and I don’t hate you for it.

Everyday since RuPaul’s Drag Race aired I (and many other contestants) continue to receive death threats, mean tweets and flat out hate from everyone including you,Yet I always ignore it, until last week. When someone decided to tweet me
‘Tyra Sanchez is the most annoying thing I ever watched????????????’

In which I decided to respond, “Girl kill yourself” OH WAIT STOP THE PRESS lets bash Tyra because she told someone “Kill yourself”. Had I told her to go fuck herself would that be more pleasing to you? Yeah maybe my choice of words may have been a little harsh. Maybe I should have advised her to play in traffic or to kick rocks? She wouldn’t literally go fuck herself and I’m more than sure she wouldn’t literally go outside and find some rocks to kick. Now I’m not sure if she would not have mind playing a game or two of dodge ball with Toyota and Buick (????????joke people, it’s a fucking joke), but I’m damn sure she didn’t literally kill herself. Moral of the story? Don’t dish out what you can’t take back. So to all of you fucks writing me horrible things I say to you, FUCK OFF!

Tough love,
-America’s Sweetheart

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