Se7en Bites moving, expanding

Se7en Bites moving, expanding

Soon, Se7en Bites’ customers will be able to fill their pie holes at a much bigger location.

TrinaAndVAThe bake shop, owned by Trina Gregory-Propst and Va Propst, is currently located on a small green building on Primrose Drive and opened in 2013. Over the next six months, they’ll work on renovating the 3500-square-foot building that used to the home of Sunshine School Uniforms, just north of Se7en Bites’ current location at 617 N. Primrose Drive.

“Still in Colonialtown North area, which we are thrilled about,” Gregory-Propst says.

The original location will remain open throughout the entire renovation.

“When get into new building, the old one will close,” she says, adding that they leased the old location but own the new building. I’m sure something fabulous will go in [the original location]. “The owner of the property and I have been bombarded with so many inquiries.”

In addition to more space, the new locations will bring an expanded menu.

“Since we’ll be going into a full kitchen with gas, we will have the ability to do fries and fried chicken, plus we’ll be adding some breakfast and lunch poutine, burgers, chicken and waffles, donuts, fritters, larger pastry kitchen; we’ll be able to add specialty bread,” Gregory-Propst says. “We’ll have a full line of baked goods.”

They’ll also have a beer and wine license and are working with Disney’s recycling specialists to plan a green-friendly disposal of glass bottles. The bigger location will mean more staff, as well – Gregory-Propst says they currently have 14 staff members and expect they’ll need to expand to 40-50 employees between the kitchen, bakery and front of house.

Two things that won’t change are the look of the business and the general hours of operation. Gregory-Propst says they’re going to paint the new building their trademark green, because it’s a signature color created by their graphic designer, and the “pie lady” mural will reappear on the front of the new location. Se7en Bites will continue to offer just breakfast and lunch, with some slightly expanded hours, although Gregory-Propst says, “We might throw in a pop-up dinner every once in a while.”

She says as a small business, they’re qualified for several grants that will help with the renovation.

“We fully intend on working with the city to make this spot as fabulous as it used to be,” Propst says. “This whole area is just flourishing, with new business coming in.”

Se7en Bites originated with Gregory-Propst making desserts for other businesses around town. She says she’s pleased with Se7en Bites success, but also a little surprised.

“We just thought we’d open this small storefront and continue making food for other businesses,” Gregory-Propst says. “I had no idea it would take off the way it did and we are so grateful that people love what we do that much.”

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