Issue 23.09: Orlando Fringe

Orlando Fringe celebrates 25 years: We look back on how the Hell that happened, tell you about a bunch a shows you don’t want to miss, local news, celebrity interviews, photos, events and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 23.09 // May 5-18, 2016


On the Cover | Page 27
Fringe Show Quarterbacks: Addison Taylor looks back at Orlando Fringe with the leaders of the festival in tow.

State News | Page 16
“The large data revision combined with these vague and imprecise explanations has created uncertainty regarding the true status of new HIV infections in Florida, as well as questions regarding the FDOH’s competency and transparency.”
—Florida Congressional Delegation in a letter to Gov. Rick Scott

School Ties | Page 10
Brevard County takes two steps forward as Marion County takes two steps back.

Future Possibilities | Page 12
William Harper says good-bye to ASAP and hello to some much needed time off.

Milk Stock | Page 43
The annual Harvey Milk Festival in Sarasota looks to enact cries of freedom and equality with art and music.

She’s Grrrrrreat! | Page 47
The Hunger Games’ Tigris, Eugenie Bondurant, talks acting and teaching.

Uprisings | Page 62
With the path to the nomination seeming unlikely, will superdelegates feel the Bern?


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