Log Cabin Republicans furious about 2016 GOP platform

The Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBT organization of political conservatives, proclaimed July 12 that the GOP’s platform for the 2016 convention is “the most anti-LGBT platform in the Party’s 162-year history.”

Gregory T. Angelo, the organization’s president, wrote in an online statement that the platform includes “opposition to marriage equality, nonsense about bathrooms [and] an endorsement of the debunked psychological practice of ‘pray the gay away.'”

In contrast, the Democratic Party platform that was hammered out in Orlando July 8 and 9 has been heralded as the most progressive platform in the party’s history. The most recent draft of the Democratic platform has a strong section on LGBT rights, which states that Democrats are committed to “comprehensive federal non-discrimination protections,” “combat[ing] LGBT youth homelessness” and “promot[ing] LGBT human rights.”

Angelo wrote in his statement that the Log Cabin Republicans – an organization founded in the 1970s – has been credentialed for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and that he wants to “be able to take a stand” against the anti-LGBT aspects of the platform at the event.

The Republican National Convention kicks off the afternoon of July 18.

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