Wedding Bells: Jennifer and Julie Jewell

wedding-bells-2326-01“I feel like I have learned that there are soulmates, or nothing can come between love,” Jennifer says about being with Julie over the years. “That you can love someone so much on good days and on bad days. No matter what happens, you still love that person, even if you’re upset or anything like that. I think that for me has been different and I feel like the only time I’ve ever felt that way has been with Julie.”

Jennifer, who is a program manager at a local mental health agency, and Julie Jewell, who is a letter carrier, met at an Aerosmith concert. They had mutual friends that were going to the concert, and they were both invited to join.

After the holidays of that year, Julie decided that she wanted to move back to Kentucky, which is where she is from, to be with her family. Jennifer told her if that’s what she wanted to do, then they would make that move. They ended up living there for two years until deciding to return to Orlando.

“Being in Kentucky, it had really strengthened our relationship even more only because I’m not from Kentucky, and the only people we knew back in Kentucky were Julie’s family, whom I had never met until we moved there, and some friends she still had from there,” Jennifer explains. “We lived in a really small town in Kentucky, and we really only had each other, besides Julie’s family.

When they had moved back to Orlando, they worked toward finding a home to move into, and they finally accomplished that goal in May 2015. It was Fourth of July of that same year that Julie brought up the topic of marriage and if they wanted to take that next step.

They had talked about getting married and mentioned doing something small, having a witness and getting it just done and over with. They then thought about it more and decided that maybe their family would really want to be there to celebrate that moment with them.

Julie asked Jennifer to marry her by using a garden labeler that you stick in the ground, for when you’re growing a garden. She put that in their flower garden out front and wrote on it: “To the love of my life, will you please be my wife?” She had Jennifer go outside and acted like she didn’t know it was there. When Jennifer turned around, she got down on one knee and asked her to marry her, and she said yes.

One important thing for the couple was making sure the wedding day was spiritually lucky; they wanted to pick a date and do things that would represent good luck. They wanted the wedding date to be a powerful number. They saw that November 11, 2016 was a Friday and they liked the 11/11 date, so they went with that.

“My favorite part, or most memorable part, for me was when we turned around were presented to everyone as ‘Julie and Jennifer Jewell’, and everyone was just celebrating that and really happy,” Jennifer says.



ENGAGEMENT DATE: July 26, 2015

WEDDING DATE: November 11, 2016

WEDDING VENUE: Art & History Museums, Maitland



WEDDING THEME/COLORS: The colors were shades of pink and purple with a boho, natural theme.

FIRST SONG: “No Other Love” by Heart

INTERESTING FACT: Jennifer wore the wedding dress that her mother, aunt and sister had all previously worn at their weddings.

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