Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Adam Miller and Bobby Dixon

wedding-bells-2403“I think spending so much time together, living and working together, has created a much bigger bond between both of us,” Bobby says. “We’re each other’s best friends. We do everything together, we tell each other everything. We definitely say it’s not always easy being together 24/7, but it works for us.”

Adam Miller, who is a contract analyst, and Bobby Dixon, who is a business analyst, met at work six years ago. They worked in the same department but started four months apart from each other. They started to hang out and their relationship grew from there. Six years later, and after changing and being in different departments at times, they still work together for the same company and again in the same department.

“We get up every morning, we drive to work together, and we take our breaks together. It seems kind of crazy, but it really works,” Adam says.

Adam says he has known for a while that he wanted to marry Bobby, and he jokes about people asking him why he has waited so long to pop the big question. Adam says he was just waiting for the perfect moment and when the timing was just right.

When they started dating, they got Universal Orlando Premier Annual Passes and go to the parks all the time, and they’re both huge Harry Potter fans.

Adam looked at Harry Potter-themed proposals for ideas on how to incorporate it into his proposal to Bobby. The couple usually goes to St. Augustine every year around their anniversary, so Adam planned for them to take a trip to Universal Orlando before they went away to St. Augustine.

Adam proposed to Bobby behind the Three Broomsticks overlooking the Hogwarts Castle. As a part of the proposal, Adam took the sixth Harry Potter book and opened it to the seventh chapter, which symbolized going into the “seventh chapter” of their life together, and cut it out to the chapter titled “The Unbreakable Vow” and carved out places for the rings to go into.

“I knew he was up to something because it was our anniversary, but I had no idea that was what he was doing or what he was planning,” Bobby recalls. “It took me a second when he was down on his knee and he presented the book to me. It took me a second to register what was happening.”

The wedding theme is going to be a nod to Harry Potter, where the ambience, décor and lighting will reflect the Harry Potter movies and books. Also, Adam is Slytherin and Bobby is Gryffindor, so their tuxes will have their House colors incorporated into them. “I’m very excited to just plan the wedding,” Bobby says. “I can’t imagine hiring someone to plan this day for us. It’s a collaboration between me, Adam and our closest friends that are going to help us plan it. I’m excited about every aspect of planning the day.”


ENGAGEMENT DATE: November 25, 2016

WEDDING DATE: August 18, 2018

WEDDING VENUE: Gulfport Ballroom


WEDDING THEME: The theme will be loosely based on Harry Potter, where the ambience, décor and lighting will reflect the Harry Potter movies and books.

INTERESTING FACT: They met at work six years ago and still work in the same office.

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