Watermark Wedding Bells: Veronica Brezina and Courtney Smith

w_bells-2405“My favorite thing about Courtney is that I get excited about wanting to share my life adventures with her and traveling with her,” Veronica says. “She’s my other half and best friend. Just being with her, it makes me feel alive and make me want to have fun in life.”

Veronica Brezina, who is a business reporter, and Courtney Smith, who is a restaurant manager, met back in June 2009 at a high school graduation party.

“I didn’t really talk to her much, but I was kind of talking to her,” Courtney recalls. “But after the party, I actually looked her up on Myspace because it was back when they had Myspace. I searched through my friend’s mutual friends on Myspace, and I was just like ‘Where is this girl? I want to talk to her. I didn’t talk to her at the party, but I want to talk to her because she’s really cute and I want to say hey.’”

They both grew up in the same area in a south part of Tampa in a small town called Apollo Beach, and they even went to the same high school – but they said prior to that party, they had never met. They officially started dating two weeks after the party.

Being together from a young age, both women have been there for each other for difficult times, like when Veronica came out to her parents.

“There’s always going to be ups and downs in life, and I wouldn’t want anybody else next to me,” Veronica says.

The couple have talked about marriage in the past and both agreed that they wouldn’t want to get married until they both graduated from college so that they would be starting their careers and their professional lives together.

With Veronica’s graduation coming up and her starting to ask questions, Courtney went out to purchase a ring and started carrying it around with her to pick the perfect moment to propose.

Veronica’s original proposal idea was to buy a kitten to give to Courtney and have the ring attached to its collar. But Veronica spontaneously got a kitten a while back and didn’t have the money for the ring at the time, so her “Plan A” didn’t pan out. She instead planned a “graduation photoshoot” where she would pop the question to Courtney and get the proposal captured by the photographer. When it was time and Veronica subtly gave the cue to the photographer, she faced Courtney and got down on one knee. Funny enough, she was so nervous that Veronica put the ring on the wrong hand, yet Courtney didn’t notice either because she was just as nervous.

“Right after she proposed, I had the ring [on me] and I’m like ‘Well, I’m going to propose to you’, and that’s kind of how it happened,” Courtney says.

“I like a lot of thing about Veronica,” Courtney says. “My favorite thing about Veronica is probably how generous she is. I feel like I’ve never met a more loving and kind person than Veronica.”


YEARS TOGETHER: Almost eight years

ENGAGEMENT DATE: December 11, 2016

WEDDING DATE: April 22, 2017

WEDDING VENUE: Town Manor on the Lake

WEDDING PLANNER & CATERER: Town Manor on the Lake

WEDDING COLORS: Elegant black and white with a hint of red

FIRST SONG: “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

INTERESTING FACT: The couple will spend their honeymoon on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, riding ATVs and chasing waterfalls.

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