The Last Page with Miguel Fuller

What kind of writing do you do for Watermark?

Opinion/editorial. I have a rich history of standing on a soap box and telling people my story or my opinions about life. Thankfully Watermark allows that tradition to continue.

What is the name of your Viewpoint Column? 

High Fidelity.

What was the headline of your first column with Watermark?

“OMG! Miguel has made his relationship status Facebook official?!”

What made you want to write for Watermark?

They allowed me to have my soapbox again. Literally in college I was editor of the newspaper and had a column called ‘Miguel’s Soapbox.’

What is your favorite thing about writing for Watermark?

Having a vehicle to write about topics that are so close to my heart.

When did you develop a passion for writing?

I always had an overactive imagination, which is why I would dive into books and immerse myself in those worlds.  I was never super confident in my writing until college when a couple of professors really helped me hone my voice.

What do you like writing about the most?

My life and what I see around me. I’m a naturally curious person so I love looking into the deeper meaning of life so usually my columns end up being my observations on life situations.

What is your favorite LGBTQ Event?

St. Pete Pride. The year is usually divided into before St. Pete Pride and after St. Pete Pride.

What is your favorite thing about the local LGBTQ community?

The family vibe. After moving around for a bit because of my job I noticed that the local Tampa Bay LGBTQ community is very welcoming.

What would you like to see improved in the LGBTQ community?

I’d like to see us bring more people into the fold of our community. Our senior brothers and sisters that paved the way for us to live openly should be celebrated. Also, I’d like to see us reach out to those minority groups in our community that don’t feel like they have a seat at the table.

What do you want the Watermark readers to know about you?

I’m SO bad at remembering names and it makes me cringe whenever I can’t remember someone’s name. Faces, I got it. But names, I’m usually at a loss.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Chin up sir and enjoy the beauty of learning about yourself…and put the oatmeal cream pies down. They are going to become a problem later in life!


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