Tampa Bay’s Overheard: Judgmental (would-be) judge

Pinellas-Pasco circuit judgeship candidate Donald McBath has ramped up his public and homophobic remarks ahead of his upcoming primary election.

The 61-year-old family law attorney in Wesley Chapel first made headlines in late May when he confirmed his homophobic viewpoints to multiple outlets and reiterated them on his campaign website. Now, in “celebration” of St. Pete Pride, he’s doubled down.

“This weekend, don’t forget to take your little children to St. Petersburg to watch the DRAG QUEEN contest,” McBath shared publicly. “They opened up a family friendly area so your innocent kids can witness PERVERSION in action, all for the sake of inclusion. Sick!!!!!!”

In another post, McBath shared a screenshot of Tampa Bay entertainer Alexis De La Mer’s profile photo, complete with commentary. “‘Toxic masculinity training’ for young children in public schools will result in more sissy’s [sic] in our society and eventually a national public holiday for queers!” he wrote. “The left continues to go bat poop crazy!!!!”

McBath subsequently advised he is a “PROUD DEPLORABLE,” adding Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” He will face Pinellas-Pasco prosecutor Doneene Loar in the nonpartisan primary election to replace retiring Circuit Judge Frank Quesada on Aug. 28.

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