Troye Sivan comments on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ spark another Azealia Banks Twitter rant

Azealia Banks is known for her Twitter fights as much as she is known for her music, as the “212” rapper infamously posts extreme comments and engages in celeb fights online.

This year alone Banks has gone after Beyonce, Cardi B and Elon Musk all from her various social media accounts. This time her latest target is singer-songwriter, Troye Sivan.

In an interview on the Zach Sang Show last January, Sivan was asked if there were any rappers he had an interest in working with.

“I mean, I was a huge Azealia Banks fan. That all just kind of like went south a little bit,” he said. “It’s just one of those annoying things where you just want to support [her] so bad, and it just doesn’t work out like that.”

Sivan’s comment did not sit well with Banks who responded, saying “For the record I am not interested nor have I ever been interested in a collaboration with Troye Sivan.”

Andy Cohen reignited her fury when Sivan stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” on Sept. 6 to promote his new film and album. Cohen asked the singer what he would say to Banks if he was stuck in an elevator with her.

“Probably nothing,” Sivan responded. “Like we would just awkwardly ride the elevator together. Maybe I would say, ‘Hey.’ Actually, it’s weird because it’s not even a thing, but there was a little thing, but I would just say, ‘Hey, I love your music.’ Because I do, that’s true.”

Banks took to Twitter with a string of tweets about Sivan’s remarks.

Sivan has not responded to Banks’ tweets.

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