Watermark’s Most Eligible – Central Florida: Blue Star

AGE: 44

HOMWTOWN: Marietta, Ga.

IDENTIFIES AS: “Me, just me.”


SIGN: Aquarius

Blue Star is arguably one of the most recognized people in Central Florida, and one of the most admired.

Blue owns the beloved Orlando theater, The Venue. She is an entertainer who choreographs, directs, produces and stars in many of Central Florida’s most popular shows. She has also taken many performers under her wing and given them a home to build their craft and a family to support them.

We could go on and on about her involvement with Pride Radio, Come Out With Pride and every other organization she is a part of (she’s involved with ALL of them), but the thing that might surprise you the most is Blue is a shy person, particularly when it comes to her personal life.

“I don’t usually put this part of my life out there into the world. I’m a very private person,” she says. “I just think it is an interesting part of me that I have never really put at the forefront and this year is all about taking risks and embracing change.”

Blue’s heavy involvement in the community and her legitimate status as a superstar in Central Florida means that anyone interested needs to be “strong, confident and understanding.”

“I would like someone who is extremely smart,” she says. “They must love music, must feel music. They have to be in touch with their spirituality and well travelled, I love well-travelled people.

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