Most Remarkable 2020: Daphne Ferraro, Show Director, Enigma

Daphne has always been an extremely nurturing and giving person. I’ve been blessed by her presence and friendship for over half my life. It is exciting that she never stops surprising me and the people she encounters – and so it was no surprise when she went above and beyond for her community this year.

There are certain words that come to mind when you first think of her. For example, I would describe her as tall, creative, hilarious, beautiful, heartwarming and witty. While all those things are important and make her who she is, I am here to talk about another word that comes to mind: selflessness.

This is exactly what Daphne has been the poster child for since the pandemic began in March 2020. I believe the COVID shutdown was announced on a Tuesday, and by Friday of that week, Daphne went live for the first time bringing “Daphne and Friends: A Socially Distant Drag Show” right into the homes and hearts of many people.

Over the next 31 weeks, she provided income and entertainment for numerous people around the country during what will surely be remembered as one of the craziest and scariest times in history. Her number one reason was to provide income for her sisters, fellow drag entertainers who were unable to work, and to provide some normalcy for the uncertain future.

It is safe to say that she helped achieve that for people.

Over the course of the show’s 31 streaming weeks, she ended up raising more than $15,000 to send to the entertainers. Daphne also reached countless souls who were lonely or just needed “a night out.”

She showed an amazing amount of support for her community while never making nor taking one single dollar for herself. Little known fact, there were weeks that were light on tips and Daphne was adding her personal money to make sure everyone made a decent amount.

Her worry for her community was a thing of beauty. She quickly jumped to action to do whatever she could to help those in need. Whether that was a need for money for bills or being cooped up at home and needing some laughter and entertainment, she was there.

Daphne often goes above and beyond what is expected of her. I could not be prouder that this person is my best friend. I could go on all day, but I’m only allowed to talk about 2020!
Thank you, Daphne Ferraro, for being a source of good in this world and making it a more beautiful place!

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