Man sets fire to banners at Pulse Memorial

ORLANDO | onePULSE Foundation shared a security video to its social media Nov. 6 of an individual in a wheelchair setting fire to a banner hanging from a section of The Pulse Interim Memorial.

In the video, which was taken around 8:30 p.m. Oct. 12, a man rolls up in a wheelchair and sets one of the banners hanging on the memorial on fire with what appears to be a lighter. The fire burns for more than 15 minutes before someone wearing what looks like a drive-thru headset comes over and stamps out the fire.

According to onePulse’s post, the fire damaged three banners and other items in the area around the banners.

If you know the individual or have information regarding the case, you are asked to contact the Orlando Police Department information line at 407-246-2470 and reference case number 2021-003-693-96.

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