Watermark’s Wedding Bells: Billie Jane Aubertin and Lily Richardson

Billie Jane Aubertin and Lily Richardson’s love story began on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, with Billie in the United States and Lily in England.

The two met in an unexpected place — TikTok. Lily commented on one of Billie’s videos and they started a conversation in the comment thread, eventually expanding to direct messaging, then exchanging Facebook information to continue chatting on Messenger.

“Our entire relationship has been anything but ordinary,” Billie says. “Meeting on social media and living 4,000 miles away from each other has certainly been interesting to say the least, but I truly believe the long-distance aspect of our relationship has made our love even stronger. We have had to adapt and pivot in order to work around a five-hour time difference and find ways to feel connected to each other through a phone screen.”

But they didn’t let the distance stop them.

“It’s been so special getting to share parts of our lives with each other in a way that you don’t really get to when you meet someone in your same city,” Billie says. “You have to be really intentional about the things you plan and do to try to give them this little snapshot of what life with you would look like.”

“We would have video calls that lasted four or five hours and then having Billie come stay the summer with me in England was the real test,” Lily added. “We were like, okay, let’s see how this works in real life. And it was better than we could have hoped.”

Lily decided to propose in December 2021, on the day after Christmas. Billie thought they would propose on Christmas and was surprised when they didn’t.

“Lily is terrible at keeping secrets and I had picked up on some things they let slip, but to my surprise it didn’t [happen on Christmas Day],” Billie says.

Instead, Lily decided to pop the question on Boxing Day, when they had a Christmas celebration with Billie’s roommates.

“Lily tricked me into thinking that we were taking photos by the tree and then BOOM, they’re down on one knee,” Billie says.

Though the couple planned to get married in a courthouse due to Lily living in the U.K., unforeseen circumstances led to Billie suggesting the two get married in Billie’s backyard. Billie said the wedding was “very unconventional.”

“We invited a couple friends, threw some things together and voila,” they continued. “We planned a beautiful ceremony in two days!”

In addition to the friends who could come to the reception in person, Lily’s mother also attended virtually.
“Having my mum on video call so she could watch our first dance was really special,” Lily says.

Now that they are a married couple, Lily and Billie’s next endeavor is figuring out where they will live.

“I think regardless if we were in the U.K. or here, we knew that our lives just didn’t feel complete without the other person there,” Billie says. “Now the challenge just lies in how do we live in the same country, you know? We knew that would be a specific challenge to this relationship, but it’s one we are definitely up for.”

Engagement Date: Dec. 26, 2021

Wedding Date: Feb. 09, 2022

Officiant: Robie Philips

Venue: Billie’s backyard

Wedding Song/Artist: ” Only Us” from “Dear Evan Hansen”

Photographer/Videographer: Jamie Clinton

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