Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love’ causes stir online over cast members’ pronouns

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In the new Netflix show “The Ultimatum: Queer Love,” five couples of women and nonbinary people come together to decide whether they are ready to marry their current partner, get engaged to someone new or leave single.

The first four episodes were released on May 24 with all episodes and the season’s reunion show now being available to stream.

“For these queer couples, marriage is an absolute dealbreaker,” Netflix stated in a press release for the show June 1. “One partner is ready to walk down the aisle, while the other is dragging their feet. So to decide whether to marry or move on for good, one half issues an ultimatum, kicking off a potentially relationship-shattering experiment.”

The show has caused a stir online with many people raising concerns that the preferred pronouns from many of the cast members were ignored, having them be misgendered by others on the cast throughout the show. All cast members were referred to as women although not all of them identify that way.

Netflix, in the release, introduced the show’s cast and listed each of their pronouns but throughout the episodes, watchers noted that the name plates during the confessionals only included each person’s name and age.

Here’s a list of the pronouns for the cast of ‘The Ultimatum: Queer Love.”

Lexi (she/her)

Raelyn (she/her)

Mal (she/her/they)

Yoly (she/her)

Tiff (they/them)

Mildred (she/her)

Xander (she/her/they)

Vanessa (she/her)

Aussie (Aussie)

Sam (she/her)

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