The Pride Chamber writes an open letter to Watermark Publishing Group

The Pride Chamber President/CEO Daniel Sohn (Center) with Watermark owner/publisher Rick Todd (L) and editor-in-chief Jeremy Williams. (Photo courtesy of The Pride Chamber)

ORLANDO | In the world of business and beyond, recognition and support are the fuel that propels organizations and individuals towards success.

Today, I compose this open letter to extend my deepest gratitude to Watermark Publishing Group for their unwavering dedication to promoting the 2023 Pride in Business Awards and Gala.

We are filled with a profound sense of appreciation for the exceptional work your team has done in making our journey unforgettable.

The 2023 Pride in Business Awards and Gala represented a platform that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and achievement within the business community. The recognition and appreciation extended to LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies in the professional world served as a beacon of hope, setting an example for others to follow.

Watermark Publishing Group’s instrumental role as the events media partner, shedding light on this noble cause cannot be overstated.

Your efforts in creating awareness, generating excitement, and amplifying the message of the 2023 Pride in Business Awards have not only benefited our nominees but have also contributed to the broader goals of promoting equality and diversity throughout the Central Florida Business Community.

In a world that sometimes seems unforgiving, your efforts remind us that there are allies and champions, willing to stand by our side and celebrate our accomplishments. With your help, the 2023 Pride in Business Awards and Gala became more than just an event; it was an evening that served as a testament to what can be achieved when our community comes together.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Daniel H. Sohn

President/ Chief Executive Officer

The Pride Chamber of Commerce | Formerly MBA Orlando

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