Orlando playwright Michael Wanzie launches partnership to license his original plays

(Photo courtesy Michael Wanzie)

ORLANDO | Central Florida-based playwright, Michael Wanzie, has announced the launch of his website WanzieWorks.com, featuring some of his original works now available for theatrical licensing.

The plays are available for per-performance amateur royalties ranging from $25 to $125. Professional productions will be custom quoted based on industry standards. The plays may also be purchased to peruse for a $5 fee.

Wanzie has written more than 30 plays over his career and received the Orlando Fringe Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. His plays often focus on highlighting queer-positive characters and themes.

He is now self-administering the license of his plays for both amateur and professional productions through a partnership with Just Us Studio.

“Since all of my plays feature gay-positive characters and themes, I feel my ‘Works’ are uniquely poised to appeal to an underserved niche market, which I fully intend to target,” Wanzie said in a press release. “We no longer live in a world where authors need to have their works published or to be represented by one of the major theatrical manuscript distribution companies.”

Doing so would not have been possible without the help of Just Us Studio, which has worked with Wanzie to create the website and market it along with his plays to the theatrical community.

The partnership has allowed Wanzie to remain focused on the creative side of the work while the website and marketing are handled for him.

Stephen Lewis, founder of Just Us Studio, expressed his excitement to pursue this opportunity with Wanzie.

“We are very fortunate to have engaged Wanzie as our first Just Us Studio Client,” Lewis said in the release. “I believe the world needs his plays, which are chuck-full of his audacious wit and deeply insightful heart.”
Currently the website features five queer-positive plays including:

“It all Started at the Radison Inn,” a contemporary sexual role-playing comedy about a young man who “meets a gregarious foot fetishist and find himself in an unconventional relationship that he must conceal from his nagging fiancé.”

“Ladies of Eola Heights,” a contemporary kitchen table comedy/drama about three estranged sisters who “plan their father’s funeral during a night of heavy drinking, while struggling to come to terms with their cross-dressing brother.”

“In Close Quarters,” a Vietnam war drama about a soldier who “finds himself trapped in an underground bunker where he must learn to come to terms with his buddy’s homosexuality in order to survive.”

“Two Men Trapped In Women’s Bodies,” an AIDS crisis-era, cross-dressing comedy about two gay men attempting to “come to terms with the untimely deaths of their hippie activist mothers as they struggle to forgive them for their unconventional parenting.”

“There’s No Place Like Home,” a series of three one-act plays that “combine to create a theatrical montage of colorful characters in divergent circumstances, all struggling to maintain a sense of home, with a little prescription drug abuse thrown in for good measure.”

At this time WanzieWorks primarily features single-set, small cast plays, however, more will be coming to the website in the future.

For more information, visit WanzieWorks.com.

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