St Pete Pride seeking 2024 grand marshal nominations

St Pete Pride 2023 Grand Marshal Alex Quinto in last year’s parade. (Photo by Dylan Todd)

ST. PETERSBURG | St Pete Pride is now seeking grand marshal nominations for its 2024 celebration, scheduled to return for its month of LGBTQ+-focused festivities this June.

Florida’s largest LGBTQ+ Pride is seeking nominees “who embody the vibrant spirit of a Rainbow Revolution Icon within our local LGBTQIA+ community in Tampa Bay.” They’ll be accepted through April 15 before a voting round is held April 22-May 1.

“Our Grand Marshals will be chosen based on their remarkable contributions over the years to advancing the principles of equality, inclusivity and empowerment,” St Pete Pride’s website reads. “Icons of the Rainbow Revolution are individuals who have tirelessly championed social justice, promoted health and wellness, advocated for education and civil rights, fostered economic equality, or demonstrated exceptional leadership in community-building endeavors for the LGBTQIA+ community in and around St. Petersburg.”

Individuals and organizations can be nominated. The former must reside within the greater seven counties of Tampa Bay and self-identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally. The latter must be headquartered within the region, must be a nonprofit or not-for-profit and “must be active in the community with a current board of directors or membership.”

Nominations will be reviewed by the St Pete Pride board for eligibility ahead of this year’s vote, which will take place on St Pete Pride’s website. Learn more and make nominations below:

Ahead of June, St Pete Pride’s Mx St  Pete Pride pageant will return May 26. This year’s contest will feature 18 competitors and special guests, with more details coming soon. Read more here:

For more information about St Pete Pride 2024, visit and read future issues of Watermark, publisher of the official St Pete Pride Guide.

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