Orlando Fringe Review: ‘Confessions of a Theme Park Worker’

If you’ve lived in this city long enough you may know someone who’s worked at the local theme parks, if not having done so yourself.

Terri Fae Erskine’s personal account of her many theme park career opportunities allows us to experience the trials of a theme park worker, whether they be the rare but touching ‘magical’ moments to the extreme reason why so many of us can’t stand tourists.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to live out this Central Floridian’s rite of passage, don’t fret, Terri has managed to work in nearly all the major parks, including Tampa Bay.

This one woman show managed to engage the audience by allowing us a peak behind the curtain as well as given most of us in the theater the opportunity to relate.

Touching and personal, tragic and yet still had a little bit of magic, the confessions were worth hearing.

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