Orlando Fringe Review: ‘It’s Alive!: A Monster Burlesque Comedy’

A monstrous burlesque that takes a bite out of local and pop culture with laughter, camp and breastplate.

A man named Jonathan Harker is summoned to a castle where upon entering he meets a collection of characters beyond his wildest dreams. Jonathan Harker, played by Celestino Decicco, presents as a refined traveler when he encounters three of Dracula’s wives, played by Miranda Bosko, Ashley Vogt and Juan Roberts. The trio, each with a different personality, welcomes Harker to their castle while trying to understand the reason for his visit. Clumsily, Akasha’s box is opened unleashing an erotic curse onto every monster in attendance.

The curse spreads rampantly, causing the monsters to shed their clothes in burlesque-style performances. Enter Jessica Nova as Frankie, followed by Spicy Meatball as the Mummy. As the monsters unravel, Igor, portrayed by Christian Inirio, moves to the music in the background, waving glow sticks and drawing cheers from the audience.

The leader of the house, Count Dracula, rules with an iron fist and strong mimosa. Portrayed by Hunter Rogers, Count Dracula uses a Transylvanian accent and a swish of their cape to deliver comedy and sass. As the plot unfolds, Dracula reveals his intentions of bringing Jonathan Harker to his castle. Harker becomes aware that his dear wife, Mina, is trapped in the castle.

Led by Igor throughout the house and garden, Harker encounters the Bride of Frankenstein, played by Ashley Vogt, Wolfy depicted by Josiah Casado and Phantom of the Opera, played by Hippie Hart. Each performance caused rowdy cheers and shouts from the audience including Igor’s emotional burlesque performance to “All by Myself.”

Dracula and his cast of dauntless monsters dazzled the stage with comedy and breakaway costumes. The audience quickly caught jokes about local culture eliciting lots of laughter.

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