Orlando Fringe Review: ‘TransMasculine Cabaret Staring Vulva Va-Voom’

Star of “TransMasculine Cabaret” Vulva Va-Voom navigates the intricate journey of gender fluidity and the complexities of gender dysphoria. “TransMasculine Cabaret” is not just a performance but an intimate conversation with the audience, encouraging reflection and empathy. It challenges societal norms and celebrates the beauty of embracing one’s true self, regardless of conventional boundaries.

Vulva reflects on their experiences with nonbinary representation in the media, recognizing their uniqueness from an early age compared to their peers. From the beginning to the end, you witness a literal transformation in Vulva’s character as they prepare for their show, dressing in drag.

In a touching story and song, Vulva recounts their childhood friend Kevin who encouraged them to be their authentic self. Each audience member supporting the theater artist received a special intersectional ally voucher, granting them recognition as a “good” ally for 14 days.

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