Sara Elizabeth Grossman introduces her first children’s book with a puppy themed Paw-ty

KISSIMMEE, Fla. | White Rose Books in Kissimmee hosted a book reading paw-ty for Sara Elizabeth Grossman’s first children’s book, “Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest,” on June 13.

“Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest” tells the story of Grossman’s dog, Baxter, going to the Pride parade with his friends. While on the way there they meet other puppy friends and learn what makes them unique.

White Rose owners, Tania Galiñanes and Erin Decker, held the event to allow LGBTQ+ youth see themselves represented in a story about acceptance.

Decker says that the importance of having these accepting conversations with youths allows them to find trust in the community which allows them to open up about their own identities.

“They know that there are people with two mommies or two daddies instead of a mom and a dad,” Decker says. “Talking to them about how to love everybody and accept every type of family, I think is super important. So that they can see themselves if they identify as part of that community as they get older or even if they know then when they’re little.”

For Galiñanes, it is as simple as this is life and there is no need to hide anymore.

“It is part of our lives. It’s normal. It shouldn’t be a big deal. It should be embraced in the community,” she says.

In addition to being an author, Grossman is also the president of The Dru Project. Working in LGBTQ+ youth advocacy, as well as being part of the LGBTQ+ community, led Grossman to the decision to create her first children’s book.

I always wanted to be able to see themes in books for people of all ages to be able to learn about diversity and inclusivity and love,” Grossman says. “I figured if I’m not seeing exactly how I want the story to be told, I’d like to tell it myself.”

Reading to the youth in the Kissimmee community was just as important for Grossman as it was for Galiñanes and Decker.

“I feel very strongly that representation from queer adults showing themselves in day-to-day life to LGBT youth or even allied youth is really important, especially in a state like Florida where you’re seeing a lot of our community being sequestered away in schools and in public,” Grossman says.

Grossman hopes youths that pick up “Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest” find comfort and learn uplifting valuable lessons.

“I think I think the only other thing I would say is that I genuinely hope that kids are able to gain a little bit of extra empathy and acceptance and to be able to see a positive message in this book and that it will help them,” Grossman says.

“Schnauzer in a Sweater-Vest” is available to purchase from White Rose Books on its website at

Check out some photos from the White Rose Books event below.

Photos by Luis Xavier De Peña.

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