Alchemy Hair Salon

Alchemy Hair Salon


20 years ago, Alchemy was born as a creative hub for hairdressers who thought of their work as art.

Hair is our medium.

There are so many factors when referring to style, music, textiles, verbiage, time periods, foods, shoes—it all matters.

The beauty of this work is it is ever-changing. In turn, we are constantly evolving. We come together every 2 weeks to develop new techniques, refine the ones we have, and /or share our newest ideas.

We also really want people to like what we do. It’s our job to make people feel good.

Our name is synonymous with personalized, thoughtfully designed hair.

We enjoy what we do. And what we do is make people look good.

We have our own version of service. It is really important for us to be honest. We truly want you to like what we give you. We want you to be inspired by the magazine you're reading, we want you to enjoy the drink you’re drinking, and we want you to love your hair. We provide a service, and we want to do it really well. We want people to leave the salon having learned something about their hair and feeling confident in the way they look.

Phone (407) 650-8022
Address 600 N Bumby Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

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