Remarkable People 2021: Faith Moeller, PFLAG Riverview President

I am fortunate to have lived all over the U.S. and to have met many stellar examples of human beings. When I met Faith Moeller in 2020, I knew right away she was an amazing woman.

As I learned more about her story and spent time with her, I discovered what an amazing ally she is for the LGBTQ community, something that began after many years of work in the church when one of her children came out to her as gay. Faith’s world flipped upside down.

That’s when she became the fierce woman she is today because she knew she had to support her daughter in every way possible. In the process she lost many friends and the support of the church but became a stellar ally to our community.

She has examined and re-examined her beliefs and has built a massively supportive network of allies who support those of us in the LGBTQ community, starting a local PFLAG chapter in the Riverview. Within weeks of starting the chapter, COVID hit and they could no longer meet in person.

While many PFLAG chapters struggled with membership during this time, the Riverview PFLAG chapter that Faith started exploded. They could only meet on Zoom but that didn’t deter her. She quickly began to tap into local networks and became known as a beacon of light for anyone struggling with their own identity or with the identity of their loved ones.

This year the chapter that Faith started was recognized as one of the top four chapters in the entire U.S. for its exponential growth. It currently has well over 100 members.

I am proud to call Faith my friend and my sister in supporting the LGBTQ community. While building this PFLAG chapter she also worked in a local event center and convinced them to start doing same-sex weddings and showcasing their support for the LGBTQ community. In addition to her work with PFLAG, she started an outreach specifically to LGBTQ youth and advocates for young people in the local school.

Faith is on the front lines in fighting for LGBTQ rights and in helping organize local Pride events. Her energy amazes me and she always has a smile on her face. As a woman of trans experience I cannot imagine a better ally for our community. Faith inspires me and as I watch her leadership, love and kindness, my heart continues to grow fonder. I am honored to work alongside her and to call her a friend.

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