International DJ Ben Bakson comes to Orlando for ‘Tricks & Screams’

After a decade of being an exclusive, invite-only event, Orlando’s Tricks & Screams is opening up to the public at the Level 13 Event Center Oct. 21 starting at 8 p.m.

The event, hosted by Trinity The Tuck and themed “Funhouse,” will feature live entertainment, a $500 first prize costume contest and music from international DJ Ben Bakson.

Bakson, the German-born heartthrob, has DJ’d at some of the biggest events in the world, performing for thousands of fans. He also produces original music, having released his latest single “You Got Me” with Australian singer OMEO.

Watermark chatted with Bakson via Zoom ahead of his Halloween stop in Orlando.

WATERMARK: Where did your passion for music develop?

From my parents. Music has always been a part of my life since the beginning. In the morning, the first thing I do is switch the music on and my parents always did the same. And it isn’t just party music like what I play, IT can be when there’s a dinner I have music in the background. It Has always been a part of our lives.

You have quite a following online and at circuit events you play. What has it been like to have fans follow you around the world?

I was just playing in Los Angeles a few weeks and there were a couple of girls who told me they drove by car from Washington, D.C. to see me, and they had to go back the next day. It’s overwhelming sometimes, but its so nice when people love what you do and make such and effort to come and see you. When I was working in marketing and economics, I never got feedback like this. Your boss might tell you this Power Point presentation is really good, but to move people like this with music is a different level.

I appreciate every fan who comes up to me and wants to get a picture because it takes a lot of strength to go up to someone you like and ask for a picture, at least I think it does. For me, when I was in Los Angeles, I saw somebody I knew from TV and didn’t ask them for a photo, so it take balls to go up to someone and do that, so that’s why I really appreciate fans who do that with me. That’s the kind of feedback no marketing job can give you.

Talk to me about what you are felling when you are playing one of these huge circuits and you look out a see a sea of people dancing to your music?

As a DJ you have a big responsibility. Everything I do, if I press the wrong button or if the music doesn’t connect to the people, you have the power of the night. Next week I play in São Paulo for 5,000 people, it’s a sold-out event, and it’s an incredible feeling to see so many people. And if they all connect with you then you, as the DJ, you have the best night of your life. This is really an incredible feeling when you have this massive amount of people and they are vibing with you. That’s also not a given, you have to work on that and be able to read the crowd.

I am a bit nervous when I get up there but in a positive way. I’m not afraid to do it but I get a nervous excitement. When I get to the place with my friends beforehand, I have this tension where I am studying the sound system and listening to the music that they play before me, and no matter how big the party is — if it’s 2,000 or 5,000 — it’s the same kind of tension. But if you connect with that crowd it’s an incredible feeling.

When people hear DJ, I think they automatically think remixing existing songs, but you also produce original music. You have a new single, “You Got Me,” with OMEO. What can you tell us about it?

OMEO is an amazing singer from Australia, I’ve known him for several years. This year at Mardi Gras we met in person for the first time, and he has an amazing voice, so I told him we have to do something together. He showed me his concept for “You Got Me” and I loved the lyrics, it talks about getting away from toxic people and how it is important for us to cut those people from our lives. So we started working on it, I produced it and made a radio edition, which is quite calm, and then a circuit version as well for the club. Then we released a remix album as well with the major producers we have on the scene.

Any aspirations to tackle an entire album?

Yes, absolutely. When we have enough songs together, that is definitely something I want to do. Right now I have three original tracks and I’m working on the next one. I’m talking with OMEO about doing another original track because I loved working with him, his vocals are just incredible. So we are in talks right now but it is difficult because I have so many gigs at the moment. We will see when we have time but it will happen for sure.

You are coming to Orlando for Tricks & Screams. What can you tell us about that event?

I’m very excited about this, it is a Halloween event. I’m told this is the first year that it is open to the public and they are selling tickets. It was previously an invite only event so I am excited to play it because I’ve never been before.

Will you be dressing up?

We’ll see, but to be honest us Europeans we are not really good at dressing up, people in the U.S. love to dress up for several occasions, but we don’t. But we will see, I don’t want to be the only one not dressed up [laughs].

Tricks & Screams will be at the Level 13 Event Center in Orlando Oct. 21. Tickets start at $85 with VIP, After Party and Meet & Greet options available. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to

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