#GayGoal2016: Set a goal, check in, keep the LGBT equality movement rolling

#GayGoal2016 Watermark

Some say there’s hardly a need for LGBT activism in a post- marriage equality world, and while we can’t deny that a sense of urgency and injustice has been deflated, we’re not quite ready to give up on fostering, nurturing and reporting about a tight-knit, active LGBT community.

Yes, there is still political work to do. Activists are – and should continue – fighting for workplace protections, against bullying, to ensure young LGBTs can come out safely and to add gender identity and sexual orientation to existing anti-discrimination policies where LGBT-specific protections are far too frequently excluded.

But we can’t help but think there’s another type of activism we should carry on, as well. Harnessing the attitude of “We’re Here, We’re Queer, Get Used To It,” continued battles for equality will be more effective if LGBTs preserve our sense of community and make an effort to simply be out. Be proud. Be loud.

Where activism goals and community goals meet, Watermark found our next project: #GayGoals2016. Team Watermark is setting goals for the coming year with a focus on continued activism, being out and proud in the community… or both.

Billy Manes, Editor-in-Chief, has a goal of traveling to Tallahassee and making some noise with Equality Florida during Lobby Days, because he knows there are still legislative hills to climb.

Jamie Hyman, Director of Digital Media, is committed to working a shift as a Planned Parenthood escort, because the intersection between LGBT equality and reproductive justice beams brighter with each passing day.

Art Director Jake Stevens aims to eat every single type of hamburger at Hamburger Mary’s, because Jake likes hamburgers.

Sales Director Danny Garcia and Creative Assistant Deanndra Meno both hope to engage more with organizations helping children – whether through tutoring or fostering – within the LGBT community.

Owner and publisher Rick Claggett, who’s already done quite enough in the past year, thank you, hopes to find real love in 2016. Everybody grab a Kleenex and a cookie.

And these are just a few of the things we’re aiming to do.

We hope you will join us by setting a goal, telling us what it is and checking in. It’s easy! Just post your goal to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #GayGoal2016. As you move toward achieving your goal, post photos or updates with the hashtag so the community knows what you’re up to. Watermark will highlight some of our favorite goals throughout the year, check in to see how you are doing, and when possible, connect you with the people or resources you need to be successful with your #GayGoal2016.

Because we’re here, we’re queer and we still have work to do.

Because marriage equality doesn’t equal full equality.

#GayGoal2016: Let’s make some noise, and let’s do it together.

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