ReadOut 2021 virtually persists and prevails

ABOVE: ReadOut 2021, photo courtesy the LGBTQ Resource Center.

GULFORT, Fla. | The LGBTQ Resource Center at the Gulfport Public Library will virtually present ReadOut 2021 Feb. 26-28, its fourth annual festival of lesbian literature.

Organizers hope that holding the festival online will allow them to reach their largest audience yet, showcasing work from leading lesbian authors. This year’s theme will be “Lesbian Voices Persist and Prevail,” a nod to the transformative times we live in.

Lesbian authors including Sally Bellerose, Carolyn Gage, Elana Dykewomon, Liz Edman, Sheree Greer, Sue Katz, Rose Norman, Jean Redmann and Susan Stinson will present 90-minute live-streamed panels during the event. They’ll discuss a number of intersectional topics surrounding age, race and more.

“Now in its fourth year, ReadOut is an opportunity for everyone who enjoys lesbian literature to share their love of reading and writing,” LGBTQ Resource Center Board President Susan Gore says. “This year’s theme is Lesbian Voices Persist and Prevail, which is amply demonstrated in the works that will be presented.

Gore will virtually welcome attendees to the festival live Feb. 26 at 4:30 p.m. EST. You can view the entire schedule of events here.

“The LGBTQ Resource Center and the Gulfport Library’s support makes it possible to offer this unique Zoom event for free to anyone with online access,” Gore adds. “I hope everyone reading this will join us!”

For more information about ReadOut 2021 and to register to attend this year’s festival, click here.

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