Remarkable People 2023: Rachel Covello, OutCoast Publisher and FLOCC Founder

The word “remarkable” merely scratches the surface when describing who Rachel Covello is and what she’s accomplished in 2023. Rachel is a dynamic force, a trailblazer, and a mover and shaker who pieces together the many threads of her LGBTQ+ travel community.

As the owner and publisher of, Florida’s only statewide LGBTQ+ editorial and video travel blog, Rachel speaks and consults globally on a variety of topics related to inclusive tourism, bridging divides and marketing to LGBTQ+ consumers. She is a tireless advocate for her LGBTQ+ community and a dedicated promoter of the LGBTQ+ travel experience in the Sunshine State and beyond.

Rachel’s journey is one of passion, determination and a commitment to fostering connections. emerged from that drive, a testament to Rachel’s belief in the power of community and the strength that comes from building bridges rather than walls.

It is this desire to bring people together that compelled Rachel to create, organize, produce and host the inaugural Florida OutCoast Convention from Aug. 1-3 in Tampa this year. FLOCC is the first and only conference focused on the Florida LGBTQ+ tourism industry, and Rachel planned every detail of the convention — down to the topic choices, format, speakers and entertainers for the nearly 200 attendees, representing more than 20 destinations.

She created the perfect mix of general sessions, informative panels, workshops, networking opportunities and entertainment. FLOCC created a safe space where individuals from Florida’s travel industry and statewide Pride organizations united, evolved and flourished through story sharing and networking, all while strategizing how to effectively navigate tourism advisories.

In this ever-evolving landscape of LGBTQ+ travel, Rachel is a pioneer, a visionary and a dedicated advocate for the voices that shape Florida’s LGBTQ+ travel community. This is evident in the topics she selected for FLOCC and in her decision to hold Flamboyance, a closing cocktail reception used to honor the accomplishments of inclusive tourism companies, individuals and LGBTQ+ organizations throughout Florida.

FLOCC is Rachel’s vision for a more inclusive future, where the LGBTQ+ traveler not only thrives but continues to shape the landscape of Florida. As planning for the FLOCC 2024 gets underway, and Florida’s LGBTQ+ travel industry continues to grow, her leadership and dedication remain a guiding light to those who know her best: her clients, vendors, team and peers.

Some of the words they use to describe her are knowledgeable, professional, talented, creative, bright, passionate, brilliant, extraordinary and an absolute inspiration. Rachel continues to bridge the gap between LGBTQ+ travelers and the destinations and the businesses eager to welcome them. It’s not just what she does, it’s who she is.

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