Orlando Fringe Review: ‘NeuroSpicy’

Viewer discretion is advised for those sensitive to sexual assault, sexual content and mature themes.

Demonstrating that variety truly is the spice of life, Cate McCoy’s solo show entertains audiences with laughter and tears as she shares her personal experiences, adversity and even offers car insurance tips. She explores the struggle of masking, a battle between society’s social norms and neurodivergence, where individuals suppress their traits to fit in.

Cate expressed her gratitude towards her mental health therapist, Vanessa, for the guidance and care they provided. This intimate venue allows audiences to connect with the storyteller and feel the words as they are tearfully spoken. Despite the darkness of the story, Cate followed with a chuckle and brought light to her smile. In her recounting of historical treatments for mental illness, Cate introduces the term “wiggle,” used to describe a particular action performed during a lobotomy. With her quick wit and unique perspective, Cate adeptly maneuvers through the neurotypical world.

See NeuroSpicy in the Green Venue on Saturday, May 25th at 1:55 P.M. and Sunday, May 26th at 7:10 P.M.

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