Issue 22.23: DPR Extinction

Are domestic partnerships becoming extinct? Marriage equality could signal the death of domestic partnerships and the benefits they bestow, Lewis Black’s rants are on fire, St. Pete Pride goes full exposure, Bianca Del Rio spreads the hate, local news, celebrity interviews, and much, much more!

Watermark Issue 22.23 // November 5-18, 2015


On the Cover | Page 27
ARE DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIPS BECOMING EXTINCT?: Following the quiet rollbacks of benefits for public employees who are domestic partners, there are concerns that the post-marriage-equality world could wipe out domestic partnership registries entirely.

Come together | Page 8
After Irene’s Lounge in Mount Dora was vandalized yet again, the local LGBT community leaned in to repair the damage. Pride is alive in Lake County!

New horizons | Page 12
St. Pete Pride is likely shifting gears in the aftermath of Georgie’s Alibi closing. Executive Director Erik Skains gives Watermark the skinny on what we should know now and some clues about what to expect.

Rolling in the deep | Page 21
Orange County Soil and Water supervisor Eric Rollings reminds us that LGBT people can sink, too, especially if we don’t mind our environment and our water consumption. Consider your wrist slapped.

Rants on Fire | Page 33
“The boundaries just drop and I bring the dump trucks out. There is no way not to mistake it. And even in my act I’ll go over the line and think, ‘OK, I have gone too far and I know I am stepping into that place.’” —Comedian Lewis Black

You only hate the ones you love | Page 39
Season six RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio (also known as Roy Haylock) brings his distinct brand of distaste to and his Rolodex of Hate to Florida. Make sure to leave your vulnerable feelings at home!

Anger Inc. | Page 54
Our political column Uprisings has a few choice words for the varsity and junior-varsity leagues of the Republican presidential debate club. Basically, if you can’t please the economic questions from the stock-broker network CNBC, you probably can’t run a country.

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