First Annual Miss Comedy Queen All Star Pageant

First Annual Miss Comedy Queen All Star Pageant

Trixie Deluxxe hosted the First Annual Miss Comedy Queen All Star Pageant at Parliament House June 4, with all proceeds benefiting the John Tweeka Barber Fund.

Gidget Galore ate half of a Publix cake onstage, threw it in the trash, had second thoughts and took it out and ate more, to the sounds of screams of encouragement from the audience.

Addison Taylor did a rendition of Sarah Sliverman’s song “Diva” which included a slide presentation of national and local “celebrities” during the portion of the song where Sara sings “Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt,” over and over and over. When it was over, she did the whole thing again so that when it got to Leigh Shannon and Daniel Hunter, people could take photos and tag them on Facebook and Instagram.

Daphne Ferraro “peed” into a cup and Trixie drank it! Ginger Minj and The Minx were conjoined twins for the pageant, going by the name of “Ginger Minx,” and performed both a lovely Hilary/Palin routine and a hilarious Sonny Bono/Cher routine.

There were some special guest performances by BlueStarr, who presented a beautiful modern dance routine, April Fresh who did Tina Turner’s ‘Rolling Down the River,’ and Miss Sammy, who rocked the original version of ‘Lady Marmalade.’

At the end, it was revealed that none of the contestants had won the pageant because it was a benefit for Tweeka so that means that John Tweeka Barber wins. Blue Starr reported that the Fund is currently helping to support a woman in Australia with terminal cancer make her last days comfortable and enjoyable.

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