Wedding Bells at Watermark: Lisa Sanchez and Lia Rew

WeddingBells-01“I love Lisa. She’s a strong, strong woman, and she’s really loyal,” Lia says about Lisa. “She has made me a better version of myself through being together. She’s an inspiration to me, watching everything she’s overcome in life. I just can’t pick one thing. I mean she’s the complete package in every way.”

Lisa Sanchez, who owns K & L Marketing Solutions, LLC, and Lia Rew, a recovery specialist for Wyndham Vacation Ownership, have known each other since middle school, but it was only until recently that the two connected on a deeper level.

“We were in seventh grade together, so we had P.E. at that time,” Lisa recalls. “We would actually walk around the track with a couple of other friends, one of which is actually a bridesmaid in our wedding. We were very, very good friends then.”

The two ran into each other in their mid-20s at a bar. That rekindled their friendship and they would meet once a week for happy hour to catch up and talk.

“About five years ago, we ran back into each other at Pulse nightclub,” Lisa says. “At that point, Lia came up and asked if she could buy me a drink, she did so and at that point everything kind of started up.”

Lisa says the fact they’ve known each other and been friends for so long, it has really helped their relationship grow over the years and it was something they could fall back on.

WeddingBells-02“After spending time with Lia in a romantic aspect, everything just started to happen,” Lisa say. “It just happened very slow and very steady. We have a fantastic foundation. A lot of relationships will start very quickly and in turn hit a brick wall, whereas we laid a pretty solid foundation based on our friendship.”

Lisa asked Lia to marry her during an annual Fourth of July party at a friend’s house, and it came as a complete surprise. She asked her in front of friends and family, and they ended the evening with a beautiful firework display.

“There were moments in our relationship where I would look at her and know she’s the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with,” Lia says. I was completely surprised when she proposed to me, but pleasantly surprised.”

Several people were in on helping Lisa propose during Fourth of July weekend. She calls it a team effort. Father’s Day of last year is when she decided how she was going to propose to Lia, and that’s when she also went and bought the ring.

“It was very nerve wracking, I’ll be completely honest,” Lisa says. “I’m the person that pretty much has it together, pretty controlled, but that was one moment that it was very nerve wracking.”

The two have both been planning their wedding over the last year, and they are both excited for the big day to arrive. Lia said she’s most excited for that moment when she first sees Lisa walking down the aisle toward her as they are about to embark on their next chapter of their life together.

“She is the most unselfish person I have ever met in my whole life,” Lisa says of Lia.


5 years


July 4, 2015


October 15, 2016


The Grand Bohemian with a ceremony on the rooftop and the reception in the ballroom.


Lisa Stoner


Grand Bohemian


Slate gray and plum


“Fall for You” by Leela James


Lisa and Lia have known each other for more than 26 years. They were friends in middle and high school.

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