Marsha P. Johnson painting donated to LGBTQ+ health center in DC

(Photo courtesy of Whitman-Walker Health)

Pyxis Partners President Michael Manganiello is donating a painting of Stonewall activist Marsha P. Johnson that queer artist Gio Black Peter painted to the Washington, D.C. nonprofit community health center Whitman-Walker Health.

Whitman-Walker has been treating people with HIV/AIDS in D.C. for more than 50 years.

Manganiello, a gay man who has lived with HIV for nearly 40 years, donated the painting out of commitment to what he described to Whitman-Walker as “health equity,” He went on to say the painting will serve as a “reminder of what is possible when we commit ourselves to justice and equality for all people.”

Peter added “Whitman-Walker Health is at the center of providing healthcare that is centered around dignity, respect and love […] I am extremely happy that this is where the painting will live.”

Whitman-Walker CEO Naseema Shafi said the painting conveys just the right message, stating the imagery “interconnects [Peter and Whitman-Walker’s] work in a deeply meaningful way.”

The painting will be placed in the behavioral health unit of Whitman-Walker’s new Max Robinson Center. Whitman-Walker will formally unveil it Oct. 18.

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