Sarasota Pride headliner Thorgy Thor on fame, fun and Florida

Thorgy Thor. (Photo courtesy Project Pride)

The 32nd Sarasota Pride will be held Oct. 21 from 12-5 p.m., promising “LGBTQ+ a lot more” in its first year organized by Project Pride. That includes a headlining showcase from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fan favorite Thorgy Thor.

The drag superstar competed on the reality show’s eighth season before returning for “All Stars” season three. She also co-hosted the sole season of “Dragnificent!” on TLC, providing makeovers to those in need with “Drag Race” sisters Alexis Michelle, BeBe Zahara Benet and Jujubee.

Offscreen, the professionally trained musician is also known for her “Thorgy and the Thorchestra” performances, where she’s played the violin, viola and cello with orchestras around the world. The entertainer reflected on that and more with Watermark in writing ahead of Sarasota Pride 2023.

WATERMARK: What has international fame taught you about yourself as an artist?

Thorgy Thor: I don’t know about teaching me anything, but it confirmed I was built for this life. A life as an artist that loves meeting new people, traveling and entertaining! Every country and continent has new adventures and experiences that I am thankful for. I can’t imagine my life any other way. 

Would you be interested in competing on “Drag Race” again?

Of course, what am I, an idiot! Quite the contrary actually, my IQ is off the charts! Listen, I don’t know if I’m a “winner” of that show in the producer’s eyes… but I’m a great TV personality and I speak my mind. I never fake it and I bring the energy 100%. And I’ll bring that same energy again if I were ever invited as a cast member. This time around, however, I’d like to make top three… Bam! 

Are there plans for another season of “Dragnificent!” or would you be interested in another one?

Please direct this question to TLC! All four of us would LOVE TO! However, this is the drama of reality television… some shows take off and others have a season and get replaced by another similar show on HBO called “We’re Here” that stole all of our ideas. Whoops! Did I say that out loud? “Dragnificent!” as a show actually changed those women’s lives. We knew it. We loved it. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Any other networks interested and listening???? 

Are you planning additional “Thorchestra” concerts? 

Of course! I can’t keep track of how many so far… 30? The next “Thorchestra” is back at Charlotte Symphony for Christmas 2023, and my 2024 calendar if booked and blessed around the globe. Stay tuned for announcements of upcoming cities near you on my Instagram @ThorgyThor. I am also working on a smaller show (easier and cheaper to travel with!) “Thorgy and the Thortet,” with a smaller ensemble and smaller venues throughout Europe and Australia, fingers crossed! If you are reading this, reach out! No wrong place to plug my work! 

What are some of the challenges and what are the rewarding aspects of combining classical music and drag?

At every one of my “Thorchestra” shows I ask the audience, “by audience applause, how many of you bought a ticket because I was on ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race?’ (It’s about half the audience.) Then I say, “how many of you have season tickets to the symphony and have no idea who I am?” It’s about the other half. Everyone laughs. This is my responsibility — bringing a new audience to the symphony. I hope that the young kids who love drag come back to enjoy the symphony, and I hope the older folks leave my show saying “OMG, I love drag queens!”

What comes more naturally for you, entertaining on stage or screen? 

Both. I was built for both. However, the stage is not for everyone. It’s candid, in the moment and every mistake is visible. You have to be able to improvise, talk to audience members while everyone is watching, work around mistakes… I am an expert! lol. The screen is all after edits, which I believe this is where the phrase “blame it on the edit” came from!   

Both times I came back from filming “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season 8 and “All Stars” 3, I watched the show and screamed at the screen saying, “OMG, that’s not at ALL how that happened!” However, I was always happy watching myself because I was ALWAYS authentically myself. Very proud of every scene. Can’t wait to be cast again… on “Survivor!”  

Why are you excited about performing at this year’s Sarasota Pride? 

Well, not to get too political, but Florida has been on the chopping block for issues involving LGBT…. everything this year! I’m proud to show up and entertain! Call the police! Arrest me! I’m proud of who I am and what I do and who I inspire to be authentically themselves! Festivals are about bringing the community together and having fun. That’s what I’m there to be part of. 

What can fans expect from your performance? 

I’m bringing old school drag energy to get everyone on their feet, singing along! 

What message do you have for LGBTQ+ Floridians? 

Move to New York! I’m kidding… but honestly, how do you deal with that heat?? You are all crazy! And so am I… so it’s a good match.  

What else do you want readers to know? 

I will be bringing my “Thorchestra” to Florida soon, so stay tuned!  And also stay tuned for a new digital series I am part of in November… I can absolutely not give you any details or I will be sued by the network.  Love, Thorgy.

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